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Reviews for Cathy Guisewite's book
The creator of the iconic cartoon Cathy comes out of retirement to make us laugh, cry, and remind us—with humor and pathos—that yes, we all do stupid things yet live to tell the tale.
— O, The Oprah Magazine
Often hilarious and true, [Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault] gets at that tension between the empowerment propaganda women are raised on and the gendered I-am-responsible-for-everyone’s-well-being reality in which most of us still live.
With touching honesty and humor, [Cathy Guisewite] reflects on caring for her aging parents and raising her daughter. It’s a book for Cathy fans and everyone else.
— Real Simple
[Guisewite] offers a new way to savor the humor of her classic comic-strip character. Absurd and often witty takes on life as a caregiver, mother, and woman.
— Austin American-Statesman
Cathy’s appeal lay in the fact that she spoke openly about the things that women weren’t supposed to talk about: anxiety and insecurity and frustrations. She was a touchstone for neurotic girls and women of all ages.... [Her] forthcoming essay collection is as full of humor and pathos about life’s many mundanities as you’d want it to be. Only this time, there’s no comic strips, it’s all Guisewite’s voice—reliably sane, sparkling, and suffused with the same warmth and wit as we’ve all come to expect. What a treat.
— Nylon
Equally parts warm, laugh-out-loud funny, and charming. Guaranteed to make you fall in love with Cathy all over again.
— PopSugar
Cathy Guisewite must have discovered early that laughter is the only free emotion—the only one that cannot be compelled—because she gave us the gift of freedom in her ‘Cathy’ comic strip. Now, in Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault, she has written a book that will help us free our lives to the very end.
— Gloria Steinem
Finally, a reason to laugh about growing older.
— Best Life
Cathy Guisewite, a bona fide hero for so many of us as we came of age, has delivered a one-two hilarious punch with her book—intimate, powerful, funny, emotional, real, and riveting. Cathy bares her soul and proves once again that happily, truly, we are all in this together.
— Beth Grant, actress (The Mindy Project, Little Miss Sunshine)
Guisewite hits the mark....Offers a new way to savor the humor of her classic comic-strip character. Absurd and often witty takes on life as a caregiver, mother, and woman.
— Kirkus Reviews
Guisewite finds her voice when she delves into her relationships with her daughter and parents and examines the struggles of aging and loss, which she does with humor and a deft eye for detail... [Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault is] a work with real heart...Guisewite is not Ephron, but she’s not trying to be. She’s emphatically, jubilantly, Cathy.
— Library Journal
Struggling with the indignities of aging and the stress of caring for both a teenage daughter and elderly parents, Cathy cartoonist Guisewite finds an outlet for her frustrations in this amusing debut essay collection....Women who can relate to her experiences and concerns will enjoy her girlfriendish voice and appreciate the more substantive material.
— Publishers Weekly
The humorous and at time poignant book reflects the concept of aging, tackling, in turns, feminism, the difficulty of removing sports bras, kids moving out of the home, the death of parents, and more. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll definitely say, ‘That’s so me!’
— Mind Body Green
A funny and heartwarming telling of her experience in womanhood.
— Harvard Crimson
Cathy Guisewite lets us know that it’s okay to be a woman who’s half Betty Crocker and half Betty Friedan. It’s okay to listen to your mother. It’s okay to miss the legs you used to hate. Nobody’s perfect, but imperfect people tell the best stories. Women are resilient. And everybody says ‘AACK!’
— Helen Ellis, author of American Housewife
Fans of Cathy, rejoice! Cartoonist Guisewite is back with a hilarious collection of essays....Covering topics that are eminently relatable to today’s readers with her characteristic forthright humor, Guisewite’s essays are well written and affecting....Fans of the comic will be thrilled at these later-year insights into a character they love....New readers will be charmed by the author’s wit and turn of phrase. Ack!
— Booklist
There is humor; there is comedy; there is Cathy, who gives us laughter but reaches way beyond the funny bone to touch us with her humane, entertaining, and satisfying collection. Cathy Guisewite is one of those personalities who bubble up from the page, then reach out to become our friend, fellow sufferer, and favorite observer of just about everything. Add her to your life.
— George Hodgman, author of Bettyville
Cathy was always the comic-book character who summed up what we were thinking, whether it was about calories, clothing, bosses, stress, or that extra cinnamon bun. Freed from the brevity of a single frame, creator Cathy Guisewite lets her signature voice and humor fly with Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault, and tackles the subjects of parenting, caregiving, aging, food, and so much more. Aack! It’s fabulous.
— Lee Woodruff, author of Perfectly Imperfect