About Cathy Guisewite
Photo: Douglas Kirkland

Photo: Douglas Kirkland

Yes, I finally found Mr. Right. He’s sitting on my lap in the picture.

No, I never found a swimsuit, but I’m perfectly happy wearing my baggy sweatsuit to the beach now. A whole new kind of hot.

I started to lovingly accept the fact that I was turning into my mother the day I looked in the mirror and realized I’m turning into my grandmother.

I’ve had a miraculous life and career. Was blessed beyond comprehension to have the amazing format of a comic strip in which to dump all my aggravations for 34 years. I got to bond deeply with millions of women and their wonderful mothers in our dating, dieting and dreaming years. We all helped each other know we weren’t alone. I am so grateful for it all.

And now here we are…

Besides all that’s spinning out of control in the big world, so much is changing and rearranging in our personal worlds. Parents becoming children, children becoming parents, so many beloved touchstones — not to mention muscle and skin tones — disappearing.

It was a lifelong dream to get to express more than what could fit into the boxes of a comic strip, and my new book of essays gave me the freedom to do that. Now more than ever, we need our senses of humor and each other.

Cathy Guisewite Bio
  • Born in Dayton, OH, 1950; grew up in Midland, MI

  • BA in English: University of Michigan, 1972

  • Honors and prizes:

    • Bicycle Rodeo Winner, Midland County Fair, age 10

    • Honorary doctorates: Rhode Island College, Russell Sage College, Eastern Michigan University

    • Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program, 1987

    • National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award for best comic strip, 1992

    • Featured in Makers: Women Who Make America

    • Frequent guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

  • Gained and lost the same 20 pounds for fifteen years

  • Proud mother of a wonderful daughter and a wonderful stepson

  • Currently live in Los Angeles with my handsome and charming dog, Leo